Environmental Policies

Environmental Policies

We are part of society and operate cooperatively with her consistently, responsibly, taking place when you need to express our opinion.

We demand a better society feeling that responsibility to us and we strive for that.

The environment is not ours to belong. It is easy to operate together harmoniously, getting less than we can give him.

It's easy to offer hosting services and excellent quality products, professional and friendly service environmentally friendly.

We believe in people. A service business must cultivate and always adopts a philosophy oriented to customer care and the environment.


To protect the environment "Jennifer" Home Hotel use:

· Low consumption lamps,

· Main power switch in the rooms,

· High efficiency boiler,

· Insulation on heating pipes and hot and cold water,

· Controlled change of clothing,

· Double glazing in all public areas and bedrooms,

; Liquid soap and shampoo in the bathrooms,

· Filtration of the pool water and quality control.

 There is also a system for the collection of rain water, used for irrigation and cleaning the yard.

Annually all participants in operation of the hotel we meet, discuss, and decide how to reduce energy and improvement of our environmental policy. Devising new programs and actions will apply.



We recycle:

  • Glass, plastic packaging, aluminum, paper.
  • Metals;
  • Batteries Batteries
  • Electric light bulbs;
  • Electrical and electronic devices
  • Kamena cooking oils;
  • Inks;
  • Used soaps, shampoo liquid, shower gels

Environmental activities

From our hotel starts network of trails in the forest, which I edited as regards the opening of signaling and safety. We arrange courses and guided environmental education teachers for children and adults.

One kilometer is the recycling plant Municipality of Drama which we can visit and learn about the whole process of recycling.

We maintain organic vegetable garden 120sqm from which nourish Hotel with fresh vegetables. Also 45 fruit trees are our orchard. Our joy is the participation of visitors to the cultivation and harvest.

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