The "Jennifer" Home is located at the foothills of the “Falakro” massif, 9 km only away from the city of Drama.

Location coordinates:

  • North: 41 ° 13 '40 0,31 N
  • East: 24 ° 11 '15 0,66 E
  • Height 487 m.

Northern Greece at the borders with Bulgaria is a wonderful nature reserve that remains up to now untouched by massive tourism. Enjoy the beauties offered by nature and get to know the work done by man, embedded in the landscape surrounding: ancient sites, churches, monasteries, and museums.

You will be fascinated by the green city of Drama at the feet of the “Falakro” mountain with its bodies of water, various flowers and its rich architecture history. It is located at only 150 km away from Thessaloniki and counts the most active vineyards in Northern Greece. Do not miss the visit of the traditional winery along the wine route called “Dionysus”, the indolent god of wine and the tasting of local wines.

The village of Taxiarches nowadays:
The area of Taxiarches with its around one hundred inhabitants is located at only nine kilometres away from the centre of the city of Drama. One of the most important advantages of the region is its superb dry climate all through the year.

The monastery
The monastery “Ascension” was first inhabited in 1930 by Saint George Karslidis, his remains are preserved in the monastery. His memory is celebrated at November the 4th. After he died in 1959, the monastery has been inhabited by forty nuns since 1970.

The monastery is only 500 meters away from the hotel. The monastery is daily open from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. During the visit of the monastery women are not allowed to wear trousers, sleeveless or short dresses, whereas men are not allowed to wear shorts.

Drama is the capital city of the prefecture of East Macedonia, it counts about 32 000 inhabitants. It has a long history. Nowadays it features several touristic sightseeings and a very hospitable people.

The prefecture of Drama
The prefecture of Drama is located on northern Greece at the borders with Bulgaria. It is the richest borough in terms of surface of nature reserves. The region is surrounded by the “Rhodope” massifs in the north, “Menikio Hills” and “Orvilos Hills” in the west, “Pangaion Hills” in the south and “Lekani Hills” in the east. The capital city of the same name is the seat of most administration, education and health care facilities. The city owns a modern hospital, sport facilities for gymnastics, swimming and tennis as well as the Board of trustee for forest operations of the Technological Education Institute of Kavala. The rich cultural program is available all through the year and offers: a network of cultural facilities, exhibition spaces, arts associations, libraries, conservatories and cinemas.

The administrative district is basically rural and regulates a large agricultural surface in the southern part of the region. The use of existing water resources (mostly from the Nestos and Angitis rivers) as well as the application of modern cultivation methods means an important contribution to economy development of the region. Cereals, cotton, tomatoes, tobacco, grapes, fruits and vegetables are the main cultivation. When you are here, you absolutely have to try the beans and potatoes from Nevrokopi. The “Dionysus” wine route is another highlight of your stay in our region. Along the wine route our guests can taste the variety of grapes that grow here thanks to the mild climate and that enjoyed international recognition in the last few years.

One of the main pillars of the local economy is the agro-touristic family businesses. The region of Drama is one of the most wooded region of Greece. There are plenty of spruce, pine, beech, oak trees and cotton fields.

Another base element of the economic development is the extraction and treatment of marble. A great deal of it is exported to the Arabian countries, Europe, USA and Japan.

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