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Our philosophy

Our goal at the "Jennifer" Home is the wellness of our guests. We understand that our guests have high expectations and demands concerning their stay. We developed a particular guest philosophy; we think that our guests do not only need to feel at home but they must also be fully satisfied by our service. An old Greek saying relevantly says: “hospitality is a virtue”.

We are convinced that hospitality can only be successful if the guest makes it a good experience with us. We can make it possible if we invest in the following values :


Authenticity: we are not only trying to fulfil every wish. We keep our promises. We provide you with an authentic hospitality and higher guarantee.

The guest priority: we constantly try to respond to your requirements. We intend to build a real relationship and to offer you a high quality service at any time.

Innovation: we have been able to reach this value through our creative thinking and personal initiatives. We are open to new ideas, challenge, innovative products and services that may match our everyday work and behaviour.

Professionalism: we use our know-how in every field of our business and focus on efficiency. Dynamic business development, discipline and reliability are the driving force of our enterprise.

The choice of reliable partners who deliver proven high quality products is also part of our philosophy.


Our mission aims to:
 ... provide our clients and guests with high value for an attractive price. Through our service we want to offer an excellent quality with a high degree of professionalism and cordiality and therefore meet your requirements.

...give our employees and partners the feeling that we count on them. Without this human factor, the reach of our guests satisfaction would be impossible.

...bring a contribution to our business and to guarantee a consistent and responsible development thanks to our efforts. with our partners a profitable and financially stable company that would enable further independent investments to assure in the long term a higher significance. This will also assure a continuous satisfaction of our clients and employees.


Our vision is “The creation of one of the best holiday facilities in the Balkan region”.

For all these reasons we are open to face further suggestions and to make room for improvement.

      The whole team of
     “Jennifer" Home