The prefecture of Drama offers a multitude of activities at the heart of nature through all the four seasons.

Roads of Wine Dionysus
The Roads of Wine. This tour guides you selected routes to the finest places in the wine region. Have a break at the most famous vineyards and taste your favourite wine produced there and meet the people who produce it. Enjoy the traditional products of the regional gastronomy. Enjoy the beauty of the nature during your walking-tour.

Day trips:

Thassos Island:
Thassos is a green island in the Aegean Sea – well known for its clean beaches, its hospitability, exquisite wine and delicious honey. From Kavala the transit takes about 90 minutes.

Prefecture and the city of Xanthi:
An hour away only there is the city of Xanthi with its about 40 000 inhabitants. Xanthi is famous for its gorgeous historic centre. Traditional Byzantine style houses will fascinate visitors. Tavernas and their elaborate Greek cuisine will attract the guests. The historic Antika Street in the centre of the old town is one of the highlights. History is at every turn of a city in which many Muslims from Turkey and Pomaks from Bulgaria live. Xanthi was still occupied by Bulgaria at the last century and by the Ottoman Empire before. Nowadays people live in peace together in this animated city. The famous Xanthi Carnival takes place every year in February or March. At the beginning of September it is the old towns celebration. Porto Lagos is another highlight: a fascinating lake and sea landscape near the city.

The "Jennifer Home" is only 66 km away from the borders with Bulgaria. The city of Gotse Delchev is 17 km from there.

Sports, mountain and nature activities:
The ski centre “Falakron” in a unique mountain and fluvial landscape is not the only opportunity that the region around Drama can offer for active holidays of every taste:

Hiking and trekking
In the mountainous North of Greece you can do great hiking. There are high valleys still untouched by tourism. You can follow the European long distance hike E6. In the region of Drama you can take the hiking path at “Kato-Vrontous” for example and the leave it in the “Paranesti” village (length: over 90 km, duration: about 35-40 hours). With Jennifer Home-Hotel as an initial point you can find the village of Livadero on the path 10 km to the north.

Canoe boat for two people
. Boat tour on the lake of “Platanovrisi” (duration: 3 hours)
. From Neochori Xanthi to Stavrupoli (duration 90 minutes)
. From Stavroupoli to Toxotes (duration 4 ½ hours)

A unique experience: flying over the city of Drama! (Duration: 15-30 minutes).
There is even more fun if you start from the plateau in Petroussa (Drama), fly over the peak of the massif “Falakron” and land in the city of Drama (duration: 30-60 minutes).

The Aviation Flying Fox company offers a special occasion: you can fly over the Nestos river with a specific equipment.

Rubber boats rafting for four or eight people

  • Short distance (for the whole family) (duration 45 minutes, level of difficulty: 1,5)
  • Middle path (duration 2 hours, level of difficulty: 2)
  • Long route (duration 2 ½ hours, level of difficulty: 2,5). The duration of the journey varies according to stream and variety of actions. For expert rafters we recommend the “Arkoudorema” route.

Jeep circuits
Off-road routes with a 4x4 Jeep along the Rhodope massif (duration: one day to one week)

Mountain bike
The region around Drama offers diversified tours for mountain bike fans

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